A while ago I gave a workshop at Crows Nest NSW, Australia on the use of Open Office as an alternative to Microsoft Office in producing basic content for eLearning. At that workshop I also set up a yahoo eGroup called teachandlearnonline just so I could show people how eGroups and PDFs are often enough of a first step to qualify as an online teaching and learning. Now I am about to give this work shop again. Western Sydney has asked me to talk about using free and open source software to create free and open courseware. After fooling around for a while now with various server side applications such as PHP lists, Moodle, Gallery and a number of others – trying to get them installed on my host’s server using Fantastico… I’ve decided that it’s a whole lot easier just to set it up on Blogger.
So here goes. I will now endevour to keep a regular journal on my opinions and discoveries to do with online teaching and learning.