I may be blowing the horn a bit here, but I’m pretty sure that 17 teachers from the Western Sydney Institute of TAFE all now feel very free and open after today’s workshop. In under an hour everyone installed Open Office and tried out creating PDFs, everyone set up their own Blogs, and everyone had to listen to me preach about free and open content!
The glowing looks I got from some told me that the penny had dropped. How truly easy it is to effectively start delivering their subjects online, and how right it is for a public educational institution to offer their content free!
I wish we had just 1 more hour, so I could have helped people through setting up a free website and eGroup.

So, with these free tools:
1. Open Office to create PDF and other content.
2. A free website to host such media.
3. Blogger to conduct all the online learning and group work from.
4. An eGroup for direct communication…

And no more than 2 hours, all teachers could be delivering online!

Now, will someone compare that to the years and million$ spent trying to train (but only burning) teachers how to use and develop content in a complex, and soon to be out dated Learning Management System?