Driving West – a newly widened highway returns to its older day charm and the sudden slow down will give you a chance to take more in. Old cottages under very old pines, a narrow bridge across the ferny rail line cut (if only tickets were cheaper), and just when a town is expected there it is.. a little sign on the right reading “Yum Cha 10 – 2pm every Sunday”.

You might just motor on past it first time – still in highway mode, but the stretch of road from the sign to Mount Victoria township is just enough to take the meaning of the sign in.. Yum Cha? Out here? .. where are we, Chatswood! China Town! No, Blue Mountains – Mount Victoria! What a great idea! Yum Cha is just what I feel like. So a quick uey at the Vic post office – glancing at the Sunday Markets to come back to, and the over crowded Imperial Pub Lunches – and your on your way back to this curiosity of Chinese luncheon.

The Mount Vic Yum Cha, at Jackson’s Restaurant and Guest house, has been open only since May 2004. It’s an intriguing bitsa of mountain cottage and Asian court. Almost as soon as you pull up the drive you know the turn around at the post office was the right move. With a modest Yum Cha menu, and inspiring interiors, the Vic Yum Cha is the perfect place to stop for lunch on a Sunday arvo in the Upper Mountains. The prices are very good, the food genuine, the atmosphere private and relaxing, and the service non intrusive. A very welcome change to the typical inner city Yum Cha experience.

It would be totally worth a special trip all the way from Sydney for this, to congratulate Jackson and Kathleen on their classy effort in bringing Chinese luncheon to the Upper Mountains.