“…Every person in the room walked out with endless possibilities roaming around their mind and already with their own web site up and running. And it was soooooo easy. On top of that the commercial possibilities are almost endless…” – Tony Lorriman, Hunter Institute.

Gave another workshop to a small band of Hunter Institute staff involved in the Introduction to Teaching and Training Online (ITTO) course.

In less than an hour, all the participants had their own blogger sites up, and we spent quite a while discussing the potential for the free and open approach to eLearning.

A presentation that ran before mine was a real beauty. Gary Sewell from the Hospitality Faculty – Baking Trades talked quite a bit about the real financial benefits experienced in his Section after they put BlendedChocolate online freely and openly. Gary described the amazing offers he has received to train industry internationally after a number of corporations were able to view and try out BlendedChocolate after finding it through Google. Gary is now negotiating content production and course delivery to 3 major baking corporations…