Unlocking IP – New Models for Sharing and Trading Intellectual Property

Thanks to Dianne Davis the super librarian for forwarding on this link…

My real concern about this conference is, with all the news feeds, blogs, and eGroups I’m in, not to mention personal contacts and general outspokeness on the issue – how the hell did I miss this one!?

My only other concern is the very middle ground this conference chose to take, painting a polarised debate and situating itself apparently in the middle – but, I’m an extremist who would say that…

“People take extreme positions about intellectual property: from ‘maximalists’ who advocate complete private control through statutory rights, criminal penalties, contracts and technological protection, to those who advocate a wish to see as many works as possible in the ‘public domain’, free of any private rights. But many works (including content and software) are now located on a new continuum between these extremes. This conference explored the many points in between, and considered whether and how new models can be applied to emerging problems.

Session topics covered:

* business models for publishing, IT and licensing
* the copyrights continuum
* analysis of licences for ‘Open Source’ or ‘Free’ software, and ‘Open Content’
* sharing and trading learning resources
* examples of good practice
* policy directions from legal and educational perspectives
* overviews of international developments in this emerging field

Much of the focus is on copyright, but there is also coverage of the role of patents and other ways of managing intellectual property in certain areas.”

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