Sourced from the The Distance Educator

Charles M. Schweik, assistant professor of natural resources conservation and the Center for Public Policy and Administration at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA, recently received $500 000 to study Open SOurce Software over the next 5 years. “Open source software, and the collaboration that helps develop it, has great promise beyond its use in computer science,” Schweik says. “I believe we are in a new potential era in sharing scientific knowledge.”

Schweik says he will use his research to develop a sequence of courses for students interested in solving environmental or public policy problems. Currently, many individuals and organizations worldwide are unable to pay for special proprietary software needed to conduct such analyses, he says. This curriculum will show students how to use such software and also encourage them to contribute to such collaborations in some form, such as the writing of new documentation or testing.

Might be worth having a yarn with Charley, and keep track of his progress: