Victor van Reijswoud has distributed his report: Free and Open Source Software for Development Myth or Reality? Case study of a University in Uganda

Victor has been working at the Martyr University in Uganda, migrating all the university’s computers to a Linux operating system and a suite of free and open software such as Open Office.

Victor has written a report on the project that is very open and useful for all of us who can only dream of such a day here in Australian universities.

I met and contacted Victor through the United Nations website in a forum running under the recently published paper on FOSS in Education. Today he has emailed me, attaching his finished report:

Dear all,

Some time ago you asked for the story about the FOSS migration at my
university. I put you a bit ‘on hold’ since I did not have the article
finished. Now I do. Please find attached the complete story.

The article will be presented by me on a workshop on policies for
bridging the digital divide in Finland next week, and has been
submitted for publication in the Journal for Information Technology for

If you additions, remarks or questions, please let me know.

Best regards,


Prof. Dr. Victor van Reijswoud
Head – Department Computer Science and Information Systems
Uganda Martyrs University
P.O. Box 5498 – Kampala – Uganda
Phone +256 77 908490