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The problem of content

  • Costly and time consuming to produce and license
  • Difficult to keep up to date and relevant
  • The question of delivery: accessibility, usability, reusability and future proofing
  • Income, competition and the market

The problem of too much

  • The International Network, ‘quality’, permanence, reliability
  • The usability of finding, open search, tagging, RSS, property and rights
  • Content management systems, portals, libraries, repositories, commercial search
  • Open vs closed systems

The problem of too technical

  • Property and rights
  • Sharability and interoperability
  • Access and usability
  • Skills and knowledge
  • Change

The solution is free and open content

  • Service over product
  • Collaboration and expanded networks
  • Global engagement
  • Social responsiveness
  • Closer ties between research and teaching
  • Less cost

The problem of openness in today’s organisations

  • Climate of litigation, liability and quality control
  • Intellectual property, copyright, branding and recognition
  • Privacy, secrecy and security
  • Management and direction

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