Sean Fitzgerald emailed me a link to Scott Sorley’s blog article “Google University” in which he adds his voice to the “its so obvious, why aren’t we doing it?” question:

Millions of dollars are spent by Universities and Education Institutions to provide the basic technology platforms for education, such as email, discussion groups, content storage and resource searching. How long before they give up and just go with a free to the public system which probably provides better resources.

Scott then lists off all the free Google services currently available that arguably offer a better service then our expensive systems currently entrenched. It goes without saying that I totally take Scotts point, but I would add services outside Google for the sake of diversity and enrichment.

Scott’s post perfectly encapsulates my “Everything You Need to Teach and Learn Online” series of posts, and begs the next question, “why aren’t more of us asking the obvious question?”

Scott has quite a few interesting posts along this level of thinking:

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