Tom Hoffman lashed out at Marc Prensky a few days ago, and I gotta say I share his sentiments. While I mostly find Marc’s ideas of Digital Game Based Learning pretty good, his ideas of digital immigrants and natives just don’t reflect my experiences either. Perhaps Mark’s timeline is out of wack… he reckons anyone born before 1985 is an immigrant… But as Tom loudly proclaims:

I am thirty six, and I AM A DIGITAL NATIVE. I know you baby boomers have a hard time coping with this concept because it is a threat to your authority, and as a result you seem to be constantly reinventing the concept so that it can’t be applied to any actual adults who can compete with you professionally, but I’ve had it, and I’m calling bullshit.

I know Marc’s gotta make a living, and he has definately struck a chord with the over 50 teachers in Australia with his generationalist generalisations, but if people are gunna keep buying into it then we may as well take a look at the traits of other generations while we’re at it, and I reckon Tom’s on to it – the baby boomers are a frustrating problem.