Jess Duggan from Edinburgh UK, brought ELGG to my attention this morning. Even though I had been reading an ELGG blog for the past week, I didn’t realise it was part of this project!

So I’ve managed to have a little look around and it looks pretty good. Its a new learning system, yep! that’s right! another one! But unlike almost all the others, this one gets a few ticks from me. Its up to date with all the trendy stuff, and it meets the criteria:

  • It is free (and open source)
  • And it looks pretty easy…
  • It is available as a web based system (hosted) so we don’t have to buy and install servers… but I have a bad feeling that the hosted option is not free 😦

So, at first glance this looks like the right one for this month… stay tuned though. Take a look at the Breeze demos of using ELGG and decide for yourself.

ELGG is just another reason why we shouldn’t be adopting ‘systems’ and instead be working with what’s already out there. Because like it or not, the moment you have all your staff trained up in the use of ‘selected system’ a new and better one pops up! In the end I’m more than happy with my bitsa system. It works better than all of them and is a hell of a lot more flexible. So while the educational institutions keep locking themselves into a one does all system, I’m free as a bird waiting to hear anything on the perfect learning management system

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