Free and open networked learning seems to have become the flavor of the month with IT at Illawara TAFE!

Recently I’ve been giving a couple of talks down there for the Dapto IT Learnscope – and seem to be finding friends. Yesterday I was invited back to a meeting of Head Teachers at the Nan Tien Temple (pictured). As a result of that meeting I’ve added some new faces to the TALO list.


Glyn Gardner – Dean of Studies Info Tech, Arts and Media – Dapto
Terry Kofod – Senior Head Teacher Information Technology – Wollongong West
Kathy Earl – Head Teacher Info Tech – Wollongong
John Coghlan – Head Teacher Info Tech – Nowra (my home town)
Janet Carrigan – Head Teacher Info Tech Dapto
Katrina Napolitano – Teacher Info Tech Dapto

and Lisa Bale and Christine Townsend, both of whom I didn’t get a card for so can’t add a title.

I promised I’d send a few links from the stuff I’ve been showing in the talks. Here’s one to chew on! – most of what was shown and mentioned in the talk is linked to from this link.

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