As you’ve probably guessed, I spend an immense amount of time online. Don’t picture me at a desk in the wee hours of the morning though… (that’s Sean Fitzgerald). I’m up and about, enjoying my wireless around the house, sometimes cooking while I type, sometimes watching a movie. I’m happy.


But I still have the problem of my two dogs not liking me on the computer wherever it may be! They’ve developed a bit of an issue with me and my computer… I guess its the association they make between computer and no walk!

So while I obsess over Internet things, in the corner of my eye are the pleading eyes begging me for a little attention, perhaps even a walk.

Today, I could take it no more. “I want to be a good dog owner”, I explain to them, “its just that I’m busy these days..” – excuses –

Anyway, the relation this has with teaching and learning online is flexibility. Here I am, faced with approaching deadlines, golden links, and pleading dogs…

So I armed up my MP3 player with some educational discussions, printed out some readings (2 pages per sheet, double sided, draft ink), grabbed the lead and called “wanna go for a walk?”

So while we eagerly walked to the local waterfall on Katoomba Creek, I listening to the audio discussions along the way. I used my other player/recorder to record myself whenever something struck me about what I was listening to – (yep, the money I saved NOT buying an iPod afforded me 2 MP3 player/recorders with change). And when we arrived I unleashed the dogs, press stop on the player, and started reading the print out. Every page or so, I’d get up and walk the dogs to the next landmark and sit down for the same. In the end the dogs and I were gone for more than 4 hours!

They’re sleeping now, totally bushed from all the running they were doing, and I haven’t missed a beat on what I needed to be doing for that deadline.

Here’s a picture of one of my dogs Blackish sitting in the creek while I laid in the sun reading.

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