Well its official. I cancelled leighblackall.com last night. I’m now saving AU$15 per month on hosting. I spent an hour or so loading files to OurMedia.org and changing a few links on blogs and wikis here and there. Can’t be sure I got them all though.

I was more than a little surprised that the Internet Archive’s Way back machine isn’t picking up a record of my old site. It’s been good to me before, reviving extinct websites from all sorts of dark ages, but leighblackall.com seems to have been missed. I wonder if this is something my old hosting server made sure of?

Anyway, the point is that I’m totally free range now! It feels good too. I’m all on leighblackall.wikispaces.org, plus a range of blogs and start pages. I’m banking on OurMedia to be there coughing up my movies, Mp3, and PDFs now and in the future. Its good to be free!

Go OurMedia, go you good thing!