Bloglines is good to me. Seems that everytime I need some insight on things, things that I’ve been mouthing off about, or stewing ideas on, starting to consider more seriously, along comes something totally pertinent to it. It’s almost like a higher being is delivering me what I need… OK that might be taking it a bit far (actually, perhaps not if you’ve seen that movie, What the Bleep do we know).

TALO at Valley of the Waters

So anyway, just recently – at the TALO swap/meet – we were talking about wikicourseware development. We considered the potentials of international collaboration on course developments, such as in Wikiversity. I thought this TALO topic was an interesting conversation covering many angles… I hope Stephan recorded it, and publishes some points to CTN.

So, I’m in the Bloglines 2 days later and along comes this: Australian Education International’s Strategic Directions 2005 -– 2008

In a changing world, the next ten years will be more challenging for Australian international education providers than the past ten years. Significant structural change is taking place in the market, with increased domestic capacity to provide quality education in our traditional markets, increasing competition from new countries entering the international education market, the development of new modes of delivery, expanding offshore provision of courses, and changes in the nature of demand.

Sounds like AEI realise their job is going to be … different … lets hope they have the willingness to broaden their scope to enable a capacity to take in the many ideas that deal with this change.

AEI Strategy refers to a ministerial statement called Engaging the World through Education which sounds interesting (I hope) and one I’d like to read later.

AEI’s Strategies are:

  1. Be a strategic partner to the industry
  2. Support a sustainable, diversified, quality Australian international education and training industry
  3. Raise the international profile of Australian education
  4. Ensure that providers and prospective international students have access to reliable and timely information
  5. Support global student and labor market mobility
  6. Build government-to-government ties and engage multilaterally
  7. Lead a whole-of-government approach to market development and education cooperation
  8. Build organisational capabilities

AEI’s Useful links

Personally I am more than a bit put off by the AEI document’s commoditisation of Australian education. It talks of Australian education being an industry, and AEI’s role being to promote opportunities for that industry in “..the national interest”. These are by now dated values that education (especially at an international engagement) should not be limited to – especially not explicitly stated! Have they no shame? I’d rather be seeing statements and strategies that address inequality, accessibility, and social well being, not the short sighted and narrow goals of financial profits to Australian educational commodities.

PA222878Don, Steven and Stephan taking in the final view 2

Oh boy, why is my thinking so polarised from the government and its servants? My principles have to seem so radical when responding to such conservatism. How can I feel anything but alienated and angry towards it?

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