Rose G, and Shaggy keep a fascinating blog. Recently Rose bogged on the madness of the world leader, using poetic reflections such as:

I’d really prefer to blog about stupid things that people do. Or the meaninglessness of life. Or even the goosebumpy sacredness of the universe. Hell, I don’t care – it’s all just material to weave into some kind of shape that might amuse. But like a moth I just cannot seem to turn my face away from the blinding heat of the obvious, the shameful, the elephant in the room. So I’m going to start writing more about these sorts of things. I hope you do too.

While Rose’s post may seem to have little to do with TALO, and it may seem as though I’m stretching the relationship a bit here, its the idiom elephant in the room that has relevance. Look it up, and see how many things relate to TALO then!

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