Just finished watching a recording of an online conferencing between Stephen Downes, Jay Cross and George Seimens. An interesting discussion, especially the later half hour, talking about networked learning, informal learning, organisational change, and freedom.

In the end they discussed how to move forward, how to keep growing the ideas, why they shouldn’t formalise the theories and just keep it in the ‘blogosphere’.

I reckon (while there is still a little oil left) we should organise a big get together! All several thousand of us! One big rave party! An open conference, inspired by critical mass and reclaim the streets, focused on this nebulous idea of personalised networked learning. I can’t shake the urge to wanna just talk, free form, face to face with whomever sits with me, surrounded in the collective energies, installation art, philosophical soap boxing, audio remixing.

Up here in the Blue Mountains there is a big empty warehouse, I’ll scope it out. But let’s not disclose the venue/country until the last minute. We’ll just arrange to all meet at some international airport, and follow our collective leadership to one location.

I intend to be putting in a big fat grant application to do this in 2006, any help, suggestions, possible sponsors are welcome. I suggest that we all do the same with our own 2 pronged applications, 1 crazy app to host the event and one just to go to the event. Make sure its flexible, just a chunk of money that will get you anywhere in the world with time for a few days.

Think about it, with oil peaked there soon won’t be many more opportunities to do this. This could be our first and last opportunity to have a drink together.

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