Was flicking through the Adbuster Magazine today (note that the magazine is a better read than the website dunno why) and came across their ad for the Media Empowerment Kit for teachers.

High school teachers! Inspire, inform, excite and challenge your students with this multi-media literacy kit.

is their line. The magazine does better with:

Teachers – inspire your students to break out of the media consumer trance and start creating their own meaning. The Adbusters Media Empowerment Kit is a grab bag of readings, discussion starters, activity ideas, posters, and handouts. The kit also includes a CD of music and our new Production of Meaning DVD. Designed as a flexible teachers aid that can be used in exciting ways with your current curriculum. Show your students how to jump over the great divide between passive consumpyion and the empowered production of meaning!

US$125 plus shipping.