Edward Smith is one of those legendary students who make working for TAFE worth it! Only a few weeks ago, Michael, Colin, and I were talking about how good it would be to host a LAN party at the IT barn. In part as a marketing campaign for the college, but also to start exploring gaming in education. That conversation sprouted from the TALO swap/meet.

We’re all talk! Edward was listening and within a week or two, had modified a game engine and produced a game to make quiz type route learning more fun.

Fun indeed! Any chance we get, we set a LAN game up and play away. We discuss at length how to improve the learning outcomes without detracting from the game fun. We have been challenged to come up with a “non violent game”, and how to get others involved in the spontaneous project. Already Joe has created a cool sound track for it…

A great example of students creating their own learning content and environment I reckon. Read more about this via Michael’s blog, then get to Edward’s blog to download the game!

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