Craig Botts just added a vision statement to his blog. A powerful addition that inspires me to do the same (perhaps a shorter one that replaces the joke of a disclaimer in my footer). Good on you Botts, it reads beaut!

I am passionate about improving the educational opportunities and outcomes for rural and remote students with an emphasis on the provision of quality, low cost, high impact, easily accessible resources.

We live in an ever expanding universe of informational opportunity and i believe that the freedom and power afforded by knowledge should not be limited to the affluent in our society, but rather should be made readily available to all who desire it. and i wish to be an outspoken, disturbing, advocate for those who are unable to speak out for themselves offering them the chance to find a voice of their own through the confidence that comes from knowledge.

As an educator i wish to continue to subvert the notion that all approved learning must take place within the walls of established institutions, with the blessing of incumbent governments, delivered by professionally trained teachers. Instead, encouraging students to explore the spaces around them, developing networks of sustainable learning environments, from any available sources. Bringing with them to the conversation that is their classroom, the collective experience and knowledge of the vast world around them, to be recognised for the wisdom they have gained on their journey.