There’s been a bit of talk around the world about a new web based service called SuprGlu. I have to agree and reckon its pretty cool. Its very easy to set up, its free and its web based. Big tick so far.

What it does.

You set it to capture all the web feeds you like on a topic, and displays them all in a single blog! Then it generates a single web feed from that. A tricky dicky way to simplify your bloglines for a start.

What I’ve done.

The easiest thing for me to do was set up a SuprGlu on myself. You might think I’m ego-testical, but I do it largely to review what links, comments, pictures and stuff I have processed in the past. Reinforcing my own learning, keeping track of my head. What a weird thing to do…

I found, technorati (actually it seems technorati feeds are copyrighted, so SuprGlu doesn’t use them??), furl, flickr, and many other RSS and Atom feeds on or to do with “leighblackall” and set them to feed into my suprglu page. Then I took that suprglu page’s RSS feed and dropped it into my bloglines. Now I have one central feed on everything that I do and what others may say about me. So watch out. But mostly its a second chance for some of the stuff I write and link to to sink in and reflect on a bit – its a personal learning tool. Here’s the feed if you want to tap into my head for a day or so:

Obviously this would be useful for any manor of subject or online discussion. I hope some day that TALO will be able to move on from being an old school eGroup, and start being more of a suprglued RSS feed… for example

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