Sean FitzGerald recently posted to the TALO eGroup an announcement from the Australian Flexible Learning Framework that hints at the direction for funding projects in 2006.

I responded with my ideas for projects in 2006 and asked for assistance in getting those ideas to meet the directions of both the AFLF and a training organisation here in Australia who will support applications like these. I haven’t asked the Institute I work with yet, was going to stew on these ideas for a while:

  1. Toolboxes meet web 2.0 – creative commons, wikibook, feedbooks as Toolboxes.
  2. Networked Learning – a model for New Practices
  3. Pay it Forward Learning – a model for New Practices
  4. Open Courseware – a model New Pratices
  5. Digital network literacy – improving skills in networked teaching and learning, Learnscope

Was thinking that given Learnscope funding never seems to go very far, might be better to apply separately for separate literacies – one for using wikis, another for using RSS, and another for using tags…

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