I’m starting to notice that Education Network Australia’s RSS feed recent items is getting much better. Everyday I’m getting things of interest either for myself, or someone I know. About 3 months ago, I was on the verge of unsubscribing.

Now, I’m watching with interest as more and more progressive stuff gets listed.

Today I picked up this PDF, Open Access Libraries:

Conventional fee-based publishing models fragment worldwide scholarly journal literature into numerous digital enclaves protected by various security systems that limit access to licensed users. What would global scholarship be like if its journal literature were freely available to all, regardless of whether the researcher worked at Harvard or a small liberal arts college, or he/she was in the United States or Zambia?

Recent Items has always had the interesting approach of being based on daily themes, yesterday was resources on Ancient Greece and contemporary Central Australian Aboriginal culture. Today the Aboriginal theme continues with libraries as the new them. This thematic approach to item listing is not new for the EdNA feed, but the themes are what’s improved.

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