As some readers of this blog know, I’ve been slowly writing a book using Lulu to self publish. I received my proof copy in the mail the other day, talk about a great feeling! A years worth of blogging, comics, photos, screencasts, all condensed into one highly portable, always on, reusable device! A book.

I’ve made some minor changes to the TALO book (making pictures larger, font smaller, spelling etc) So I’m waiting for the second proof to arrive before I do a launch. But I wanted to post about my renewed interest in the book for communication and learning, thanks to my experiences self publishing one through Lulu.

For the cost of a week’s worth of mobile phone calls, or a month’s worth of Internet, or a single CD, you can have a years worth of condensed content in text and pictures. $45 for a full colour book, $25 for black and white – printed on demand, delivered within 10-15 days. I don’t have to worry about a network connection, battery life, or mysterious headaches from a screen. My book is light weight, always on, photocopyable, well bound, strong, versatile. For content, not much beats it! For communication, no arguments – the network is the goods.

But, I reckon more of us edubloggers should consider self publishing a book in Lulu. I’d be very happy to have a year’s worth of Stephen Downes’ blogging (with a CD of audio in the back) to catch up on. The years before I was on the scene especially. Getting it all through screen interactions is one thing (painful as it is at times) having it in a neatly bound, portable book is another. Having it in that format so I can get my grand dad (a retired school principle) up to speed with new ideas, a format that is still more tangible for old school managers needing a nudge ina new direction, a format that will still be respectable for many years to come.

I could still join in the discussion of course! Its not as though what Stephen said last year is not still worth talking about next year. I could read and listen to his older work, and perhaps draw him and others back into fresh perspectives on the stuff. I could read on the bus, in a tent up a mountain, in a boat on a river. And consider my responses on the way back down the mountain and into a network zone. mLearning meet book and outdoor recreation.

So, get ready to buy my book will yas. Test it out. There’s a years worth of stuff I’ve done – much of it I bet you haven’t seen due to the difficulty of flicking through the “pages” of a blog and hypertext resources. And I hope others will do the same with their work. I’m ready to buy more books. In the end, when the oil, gas and nuclear wars are over – it may be all we have left as a record to this amazing era in electrified communications.

PS. The picture shows a book with a black and white cover… not so. The black and white version comes in a colour cover – its the inside that is black and white.

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