A while back I resolved to seek political refuge outside Australia. The land of panel vans, a full time job, $1 spaghetti bolognaise, mullet hair cuts, a fair go and the possibility of socialism seems long gone. So New Zealand here I come, a place where refugees are treated better, nukes are not allowed, Iraq would be a nice place to visit, a treaty exists with the original people, and sheep live good lives. So I found a job, applied, and a few months later I find myself employed by the Otago Polytechnic in Dunedin, with a very friendly team working on educational development. This time next week Sunshine and I will be packing our reduced belongings into a container, the dogs onto a jet, and by Friday, we’ll be moving into our new house in Broad Bay, partly along the North side of the Peninsula.

I’m really looking forward to this new life for Sunshine and I. I’ll get to do what I do and get paid for it, Sunshine gets a good discount on her Design studies at the polytech, and in our holidays we’ll to go skiing, mountaineering, canoeing, climbing, sailing, etc.

So, I might be a little slower than usual with the postings. But something tells me that in between the packing, I’ll still find time to turn on the computer and post to this blog. One things for sure, the computer and modem will be the last thing to get in the box.

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