Bronwyn Hegarty of Otago Polytechnic has announced the early stages of a significant development over here in New Zealand – The Online Information Literacy resource development. I have seen it demonstrated and must say I’m so far impressed with what it can do, including in situ editing by users to export later… Everything is being done by the book, including intensive user testing and feedback, and even though it is geared towards an LMS delivery mode, they are still managing to producing an interesting and open resource. I witnessed the SCORM package neatly import into Moodle, and initial feedback I have seen gives it a thumbs up. All it now needs is a Creative Commons statement on it and we’re away!

So far the team has developed 1 of 9 modules, and needless to say I hope to influence at least 1 module at some stage with a bit of work on digital networked literacy… šŸ˜‰

Good work Bronwyn and the team šŸ™‚

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