What is networked learning? Is it just another round of techno hype? Is it just another name for an older idea? Is it even useful considering the current condition of our schools and colleges?

I dunno really. Now that I’m working on the “inside” the view is different and these questions seem more important. From the outside they seemed pointless – networked learning is inevitable when you’re on the outside. From the collective inside its a remote idea, let alone possibility, smelling of yet another round of hype, and yet another thing to “do”.

But, taking a break from that work today, I tapped into my learning network and found a post to the TALO eGroup by gnuChris pointing to Bill Kerr’s post calling for a graphic representation of the Internet, and considering the mind shift that being internationally networked can cause…

Apart from Bill’s yet-another-excellent post, and exciting link to a book coming out, the device that gnuChris points to for generating a picture of your network is a lot of fun and a bit of an eye opener. Pictured is my network of learning. From this network I have learned more than I could possibly describe in any certificate or qualification… there in lies a problem really… how can we assess learning done in a networked environment? do we? should we? can we? probably not. So networked learning may just be yet another “learning style”?

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