Anyone else noticing who bloody slow Flickr and is these days? Wouldn’t be anything to do with those yahoos and their servers would it? Isn’t this all our local IT guys need to say, “see, we told you so! You can’t rely on Google and Yahoo, you should rely on me, Sam and our Microsoft servers instead!”

Luckily I don’t put all my eggs in the one basket, but I need to do better. Mike Coghlan is using BubbleShare for his pictures in a nice way, creating an audio visual slide show, then copying the code and displaying it in his blog.

Now that those Yahoos are ruining my joy once again, (and they’re not the only ones either – Bugger has let me down twice in the last 2 weeks, at crucial moments of needing to prove to others its worth đŸ™‚ I need to diversify more, break my lock ins and use more variety.

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