Derek Wenmoth points to a new Podcast being put out by Graham Attwell with an episode on the Personal Learning Environment (PLE) thinking about whether they are even needed. Basically Graham is restating what has already been said to death here on many occasions.

I was beginning to think no one was out there on this one. I mean I have really shouted out before about LMS, ePortfolios and PLEs, and how I think they are a great waste of time! Google search on my name and you’ll see its what I stand for, like it or not. – but I don’t get the feedback, or any sign that any one’s listening… apart from a Google search result… but enough of that winging guff, perhaps I should be happy that this podcast is enough, perhaps I should reflect on the way I say things and that being a possible reason I don’t get come backs. Perhaps the fact that Derek has taken notice of it is enough of an indication that the word is spreading.

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