A nice post by Steven Parker testifying that the socially networked software revolution is indeed gripping parts of Australia’s young folk:

As soon as The Veronica’s came on stage, on and up went around 100 mobile phones… Lisa (one of the Veronica’s) posed questions to the audience….. Who has a mobile phone!?’, followed by ‘Who’’s on MYSPACE?’. The crowd overwhelmingly screamed back “Yaahhh!!” with 100’s of mobile phones aloft!!

Steven then went on to rightly say:

One could see that as more people (at a younger age) move to embrace this new way of experimenting with technology to ‘make a connection’, and with the rapid development of these Web2.0 technologies the need for mainstream teachers (primary through to tertiary) to be aware and get involved to understand it’s application to utilise in pedagogy is NOW.

Comments from the Van Guard of Australian educationalists working with socially networked software models expose some things that educational departments in Australia should be ashamed of.

Too bad that in DET NSW if you want to check out The veronicas myspace

http://groups.myspace.com/OfficialVeronicasGroup you have attempted to access has been classified as Custom Deny_NSWTAFE. ACCESS DENIED!!

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