Wara makes some important comments on Forecasting productivity growth 2004-2024 – a report put out by the Australian Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts.

Wara highlights the report’s suggestion that Australian Education may be helping to worsen Australia’s massive IT related trade deficit by developing the community’s ICT skills almost exclusively in proprietary software.

Wara says:

I think that our government bodies must promote the open source stuff. Government bodies are settling for prepackaged, expensive solutions where the money is pouring out of the country. The skill set for implementing these solutions is relatively low. If they choose an Open Source solution they need advanced skills to adapt it and to make it work. These skills are not in abundance and cost. At least the cost is being invested in Australian people in this Open Source option.

Right on Wara! I think you just better articulated what I was trying to get at with that paper I wrote, Digital literacy and how it affects teaching and learning – A critique for the Knowledge Tree.

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