Jo Kay has posted some very interesting reflections of her day’s learning through web conferencing as well as a virtual world.

It has been really interesting watching Jo’s photo journal of her SecondLife, and her latest post gets me thinking. Do we perhaps now have 3 new learning styles subbing under digital networked learning?

There are the web conferencers who seem to preference powerpoint looking lectures with synchronous instant messaging and voice.

There are the virtual worlders who like the dimensions, fantastic space, colour and character… again with synchronous comms.

And there are the networkers who exist through blogs and webfeeds,, communicating asynchronously.

Of course you can be all of these, as Jo certainly is. But Jo’s asking which do you prefer?

Well I certainly don’t like web conferencing. I have tried virtual worlding, but not at the level Jo is delving into it. And I really dig the idea of using your print-screen key like a camera in these worlds. But I guess over all I prefer the recorded, published, distributed and asynchronous communications. But that’s not to say I wouldn’t get right into virtual worlding… watching Jo go there is inspiring to say the least.

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