Another good heads up from Derek Wenmoth towards PeopleAggregator. Could this be the beginning of the truly nomadically/mobile, socially networked Internet?

From the TechCrunch article:

Here’s how it works. will be a fully functioning online social network in and of itself, but it will share information with other services through common identity standards for our profiles and through APIs (application programming interfaces) for our writing, multimedia and contacts.

Perhaps most important, PeopleAggregator will also provide new social networks with hosted software and later next month will offer downloads of the software for organizations who prefer to host it themselves. Licenses will be free for nonprofits and will cost commercial ventures a one-time sum after they successfully monetize the system.

What this means is that it will be easy to come and go from new social networks, instead of being locked in to one just because you’ve put the time and energy into using your account there. Instead of being at the mercy of one centralized database and service, if Canter’s vision succeeds then countless social networks will proliferate with unique styles and function but with interoperability.

They only thing that tells me this (one in particular) won’t work is the name. And, as sad and shallow as that may be, I think its fair to say that the name makes or breaks the success of a social software… I hope I’m wrong though, and its name may still be easy to change..

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