I dunno why it has taken me so long to realise. GNUChris pointed me to it a while back, they must have added a bunch of features since – or was I just a fool rushing through and didn’t see the greatness of the free online video service Blip.tv!! Check my account out. Subscribe – I’m officially a Blip man now.

  • Not only is it fast to upload!! Boy its fast!
  • But it gives you back an mov to save back down to your computer
  • It cross posts your video to your Internet Archive account!
  • It cross posts the video link to your del.icio.us account based on the tags you use for the video
  • It cross posts a frame image thumbnail across to your flickr account through your flickr account’s email address!

There’s more – I just couldn’t wait to do the shout out for them!

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