Andrew Cappie Wood, Director General of the NSW Department of unEducation is up on stage to start us off.
I’m as bored as I could possibly be, holding back the urge to shout out at every corner of talk about centralised provision, managed learning, oh boy… but if I drop my eyes down from Cappie, about 5 yards in front of me is Greg Whitby, executive director of schools in the Parramatta diocese. You know – that 24 hour school:

The traditional classroom concept will disappear, replaced by “learning spaces”. The school will be referred to as a “learning community” and teachers will be known as “learning advisers”, Mr Whitby said. “The walls of a classroom become redundant because students are able to access real-time, any-time learning.”

I was going to try and get ou to the school and see if I could grab a quick interview. But Greg is here and I’ll be very interested to hear his views of NSW D(u)ET.

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