Will posts a much needed rev up in owning the teaching… and the learning.

We go back and forth in this community about whether teachers who use blogs should blog, or podcast or read RSS feeds. I’ve always hesitated to come down on one side or the other in that debate for a variety of reasons. But it’s become clear to me that the answer has to be yes. If you are an educator, I think you have little choice but to choose option 3 in the Marco Torres mantra: “You can complain, quit or innovate.” I know in many ways it stinks to have to be an educator at a moment in history when things are changing on a glacial scale. But what you signed up for is preparing kids for their futures. You have little choice but to deal.

I’d like to second Will and say that I am also concerned that we are not seeing true and honest attempts to change systems and practices in a way that is better suited to the new world we are heading towards. I share his sense of urgency about it. But more and more, I think I’m realising that the changes we hope for will not come. The changes are happening outside the classroom walls (as always) and so the schools are becoming even more irrelevant to real life. Perhaps we are mistaken in the first place in our thinking that the formal education systems have any significant bearing on our socialisation… perhaps we are contribution to the blockage by attributing more significance than is warranted to the teachers, and thus failing to see what experiences are really important to a person’s learning. Perhaps we might do better refocusing our efforts away from schools and teachers, and more towards community groups, parents, home-schoolers, scouts and sporting clubs etc.

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