Stephan Ridgeway alerted me to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday that is definately worth looking at – Youtube is a class act – a refreshing look at the positive adaptation of undeniably popular communication into some Australian school curriculum. Certainly a more informative counter to an earlier SMH article that should shame not only the paper and its ‘journalist’, but a doctor, the NSW Department of Education and some schools.

Stephen Hutchinson, a technology and society journalist worth following up on has told of a Melbourne School students,

…dissecting the fare on the world’s most popular video-sharing website, they’re creating their own mini movies and uploading them onto the site.

In fact they are doing interesting market research by the sounds of it

His class is about halfway through an eight-week project in which students – with parental consent – compile and upload videos to YouTube.

Then they wait and watch to see which ones take off and which sink without a trace – as is the lot of most of the 65,000 videos that are uploaded to the site daily.

They examine how, for instance, one of their videos with the title Hot Chix rates compared with another one called Funniest Cats You’ll EVER See!!.

And its Funniest Cats’ that is in the lead!!

Make sure you follow the link to the blog entry that supports the article for some interesting questions to Stephen from the students (on youtube video of course) which Stephen answers by text of course 🙂

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