I’ve kinda sat on the fence with Second Life. But really, there’s no arguement about it. SL is an intensly engaging and inspiring space to be working in. Ever since the Future of Learning in a Networked World and talking more with Jo Kay and Sean FitzGerald I can see it more clearly.

With surprisingly little effort, IT here opened the communication port to allow access into SecondLife. Gotta hand it to the IT crew here at Otago Poly, for all my moaning about the profession generally (mostly legacy attitude from a gestapo like IT department in NSW DET), they have mostly been very responsive in taking off filters, allowing me to install software and try out things like Second Life.

Anyway, today I pulled a group of Occupational Therapy lecturers and others, to meet and watch as I met Jo in Second Life. In an intense hour of moving around, riding a balloon, visiting Harvard Law’s SL school, and a Medical Library, not to mention bringing up a heap of Youtube videos, related websites, wikis and blogs, I think the group began to see how all this stuff can tie in together. (Links follow)

But, the usual overwhelmed feeling still pervades – that I fear will paralise anyone from moving into trialing out new practices with this teachnology. I’m ready, give me a project, I’d like to get iinto this I think…

Great links:
Jo Kay’s BlogHud – where she is intergrating Blogging in with SecondLife
Jo Kay’s Flickr photos – a bunch of screengrabs from Jo’s SL experiences
SAE in Second Life – an excellent wiki page by Sean and Jo to support their presentations about edu use of SL
NMC Campus: Seriously Engaging – Youtube vid
Second Life Medical Library – an amazing range of information in a virtual library!
A Masters in Digital Media course blog – that also has a campus in Second Life
Cyber One – Harvard Law course that has a blog, wiki and Second Life campus

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