A little birdy dropped this in my email recently. Its a job ad for NSW DET. Can you imagine the sorded characters they are going to get knocking on their recruitment doors this week!! Quick! Get your kid into a homeschool fast.

Dear everyone

We are urgently seeking a nominee at SEO or CEO level, to take up a full time role starting ASAP for up to 6 months to authorise the filtering of websites as part of the AIBE project.

The person would need to understand the educational /delivery implications of blocking sites and be able to liaise effectively with relevant staff to ensure a decision is made that is consistent with policy and addresses TAFE NSW delivery needs. More details about the roles are listed below.

I’m advised that funding is available from TOL2 for this position.

Would you let me know by COB Monday 11 Dec of a nominee? Thank you


The person would be the TAFE representative on a Team involved in a range of activities including:

    Looking at each request to block web sites and make an assessment as to the educational value of blocking each web site. In the case where it would be appropriate for a web site to be blocked for certain year groups or to be blocked for all those not studying a particular subject, they will block the site for those in the appropriate year groups or subject groups.

    Looking at each request to unblock web sites and make an assessment as to the value of unblocking the site. Where a site is educationally suited to be unblocked for a particular year or subject group, they will add that site to the allow list for the appropriate year and/or subject groups.

    Review overall filtering profiles for year and educational subject groupings to ensure that they are appropriate to the needs of students and staff.

    Review the operation of existing email filtering and “banned words and phrases” to ensure that the levels of filtering are appropriate to the requirements of staff and students.

    Review the current browsing filtering to ensure that the current “banned” search terms are appropriate to the requirements of staff and students.

    In consultation with TAFE Curriculum Centres ensure that access to web sites identified in new curriculum material is accessible to staff and students

    Research and provide advice and comment on future filtering requirements for DET to ensure that the most appropriate levels of filtering are available to ensure the best possible educational outcomes for students.

    Liaise with the Child Protection and Audit Units in relation to the levels of filtering that are set and to ensure that emerging issues based on legislation and incidents that may have occurred within DET and the wider education community are addressed.

Kind regards