I reckon you have 4 seconds to make the right impression on someone when trying to explain/convince/sell them something. This is not quite the same as attention span, it has more to do with countering prejudice, getting a foot in the door, initiating interest. Get that far and you can start to rely on measures of attention span.

4 seconds, that’s about enough time to get 8 or 10 words out – so make them count. For that reason you have to choose your words carefully, and never use words that require further explanation. With this in mind I’m going to very conscious of my pitch to technophobic teachers and try to use words they should more readily identify with.

  1. Web2.0 and Socially networked software social constructivism
  2. Online presence and identity as well as network and online community the top 3 levels in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
  3. eLearning, mLearning, flexible learning and blended learning etc learning
  4. Blogging Vygotsky-ism
  5. Software Media (Thanks Simonfj)

any more suggestions?