Nancy White points to an animation explaining the simple process of peer assisted problem solving. Check it out, its a pretty cool little animation with a charming voice over imo…

If only it was easier to find a quality facilitator! That is something we realised in the FLNW tour – good facilitation services are very very hard to find. Of all my contacts, I can think of very few that I think would be a good facilitator, and I know I can never remain a safe distance from any topic so that certainly counts me out.

Then there are the woes of face to face communication. Prejudices on age, gender, accent, body shape, race, fashion etc etc, subtle and not so subtle, are such impediments to good dialogue I reckon – but that’s were online peer assist might work better. Using a web conferencing facility – not for lectures and presentations like we’re used to, but for peer assist problem solving!

I’d love to try that out.. I want kids in there, tradies, academics, a chinese, a frenchie, an american, a pommy, a mother of 6, a great grand dad, a poet, a musician, an engineer, a sex worker and a designer… but then we still need to find a good online facilitator 😦