D’Arcy Norman has posted some concerns about SecondLilfe that are worth a quick read. There are a few links out to 3D world projects from the past, in an attempt to discredit the “next big thing” status of SL. That “next big thing” line get’s used a bit, and I think it is a misleading statement. To me it kinda makes out that things come and go, that it all passes by. Those historical references to other developments in 3D worlds are all contributions to the same thing – an acceptance of a 3D virtual world. So while SL may be the “next big thing”, its also part of the web3D, I think it’s mistake to think that it will pass. I don’t think that’s what D’Arcy’s trying to say – but I do think it is what many people will hear.

Apart from that, D’Arcy levels some interesting criticism at the SL platform and concerns for the culture that it may build. I have been keeping links to comment other comment about SL btw.

For me and SL.. I seem to have chilled out on it a bit. Maybe it was the Christmas break and my reconnecting with a first life a bit more, but I also find SL a little too big to have in my daily routine. I’m comfy in my browser, 2D window view, and the speed at which it and I can move. SL takes too long for me to start up, and too long to browse about. I need a reason to go into SL, and then I find I need a considerable amount of motivation to go in. Once in there, I really enjoy it and find it very engaging – its just that initial step.

So I’m increasingly looking to SL as a web conferencing tool, and less as the platform I access the Internet with. However, if a 3D virtual world became as  quick as my browser – that’s when I’m back to thinking about it as a platform..