Hopefully Blamb isn’t asking for movies just about Web2, and is actually calling it The Web 2.0 Online Learning Film Festival based on its organisational structure. I also hope that they’ll give the finger to copyright and download youtube films and remix at will!

Here are my nominations:

  1. Duck and Cover – Bring back the bomb!
  2. Can I get an Amen – Just how stupid copyright is, and how sampling rebellion should be
  3. Admiral Cigarettes – Theatre in movies, teaching in LMS. How long it takes to realise new media
  4. Le Grand Content – the truth about content
  5. Voices from a new American School House – Ideal
  6. The Future is Open – I can’t wait!
  7. Ask Ninja, What is Podcasting? – Best explination of podcasting yet!
  8. What to do in a zombie attack – one to compliment Duck n Cover