I was on my way to work this morning and caught this on the TV before I left. I’ve loaded it to YouTube so others can see it too. It is a brief TVOne Breakfast look at Blogging, specifically the Qantas Media Awards (what a lame website!!).

I think it an interesting insight into NZ Mainstream media perspective of social media. The Breakfast host is your usual self assured, arrogant kind-a-guy that you get on these shows, and I thought he was pretty subdued in his dismissive attitude of blogging compared to other things I’ve seen him have a go at. I think he was distracted by the fella he was interviewing actually, and didn’t want to risk looking silly with all this techy it geek stuff.

After note: Comments made by Caroline, and a few others have taught me lots about the TVNZ and Breakfast website. I was impressed to see that all the shows are recorded and eventually offered as streaming media. I wasn’t able to find the Breakfast recording above, but Caroline found it and offered the following links:




At the time of adding this note (21st March) the streaming media file didn’t come down with audio, so I’ll keep theYoutube copy up until I see a working version.