Wendy asks what a new look library would look like? What services and features would it have?

You got ideas and a few minutes? Drop her some thoughts hey…

My quick thoughts that I left as a comment:

Great to see you’re getting wireless. Will it be free and open wireless? Like Hoyts? Doubt it, but that would be great. You could limit access still, by making a splash page for people trying to get on would have to go past first – that way minimising traffic a little and promoting the library service with a nice “this service is happily provided to you by Billy Bob – making access to information free and easy”

I would plaster the walls with how tos.. how to set up a blog, how to critique a wikipedia article, where to get free pictures, how to use YouTube… stuff like that, the list would be endless. Make them nice and large, but printable to A4 handout as well.

Laptops to loan out. Laptops to lease. MP3 recoders. Bluetooth file servers for lecturers to load MP3 of their lectures and for students to load the MP3 to their phone when they walk in.

24hour access to computer labs, with community events like LAN parties possible.