Who wants to help me gather some pros and cons about Moodle and Blackboard? Or point me to some?

  • Feature Rich
  • Usability (Staff and Students specific)
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Staff required in terms of development expertise
  • Support (internal / external skill sets) also Service Contracts / Timely off site support
  • Training and education to all OP staff
  • Migration options / interoperability between each / course loading
  • Hidden costs?
  • etc

Off the top of my head (and not being a fan of any LMS) I have:

  • Moodle’s design suites sequencing of learning activities more readily than Bb
  • Moodle is the development base for many NZ tertiaries developing open educational resources (SCORM doesn’t always ensure successful transfer between LMS’s)
  • More NZ Polytech’s use Moodle so finding experienced staff to support Moodle will be less of a hassle
  • Bb is giving us grief with hyperlinking within the system (have been told that its because we are doing something that Bb was not designed to do – but hyperlinking is pretty common hey)
  • Bb is uncool.. LOL