At last! Someone has blogged a brief look at an ‘alternative’ education method and considered it in terms of adult education – the Montessori methods. I’ve often wondered why secondary and tertiary education doesn’t discuss the other methods more often.. well, at all! Otago Polytechnic lecturer David McQuillin is though.

The online context is well-suited to a range of self-directed modules/exercises that the students may choose to move through at their own pace.  There are some limitations to this model.  Our professional assocation requires specific competancies to be held by graduates, and it’s likely that other professional assocations have the same type of requirements.  This means that while we can provide some flexibility we cannot allow students to completely follow their own path of learning.

In our work developing resources in Wikieducator, we are slowly building a number of learning activities for a single learning objective. Could it be that these activities present the choice for self directed that David considers?