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George Siemens gave a 15 minute talk on his concept of curatorial teaching. It is a very thought provoking idea and generated quite a lot of good discussion afterwards.


Web based editing is still bubbling away. Youtube has caught up with smaller video sharing services at last and is offering a web based editor they call the remixer:

Sometimes, instant gratification video is just the thing you need.

If you’ve ever uploaded from your cell phone, wished for an easy way to add titles and transitions, or just wanted to remix your own videos, Remixer is a great place to play. It lets you assemble your new video in an easy drag-and-drop timeline, and then publish it right back to YouTube. Your original videos will stay exactly the same.

I’m looking forward o giving this a whirl. Would be cool if I could use this thing to quickly create a slide show with audio from a Flickr feed…

So, in terms of web based editing we have image editors like FlickrCC and others. GoogleDocs. Youtube Remixer. Slideshare’s Slidecast. But why oh why is audio so absent? We more video sharing services then we can poke a stick at, but very few audio sites that cut the mustard. Where’s the Youtube for audio? Complete with embeddable player and URL hyperlinking?

This past week I have been up a mountain recording and participating in an avalanche safety training course.

It has been really interesting and I have noted heaps of ideas on ways online learning could compliment and enhance the learning in this course.

But for now, I’m just noting here that I absolutely snowed under with stuff going on this week. There have been a number of people asking where I am with my commitments (Alex, online learning communities course, Otago Poly staff).. and I just don’t know how long its gunna take to dig out of this! My email is 3 screens deep! My phone has 8 unanswered messages! and my to-do list is… well, I don’t even know where it is anymore!

On September 30, Sunshine and I will be getting married. That’s only 2 weeks away and we have 50 friends and family to look out for – most coming from over seas… So at this point, I think I’ll just have to put the majority of these other things on hold and prioritise this day.

Early on in this course, many of us were enthusiastic for Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach’ s article The Art of Building Virtual Communities. The tips in that article have received wide acclaim in the comments and other people’s blogging.

We were lucky to have Sheryl join us with a 10 minute lecture and then discussion on Tuesday 4 September 12:00 Noon Auckland time, or for Sheryl, that’s Monday, 3 September 2007 at 8:00 p.m New York time.

Here are the recordings:
Original files and other formats from
MP3 recording of Sheryl’s talk – 5.2meg / 29 minutes
MP3 recording of discussion – 5.5meg / 30 minutes
Elluminate recording – 1 hour / no password needed
Slides on Slideshare Sheryl?

I wonder why not a soul in Australia or New Zealand thought to contribute to the Gmail collaborative video? With nearly 2 million views so far, and a Google map pinning everyone who contributed, I would have thought at least one keen videographer in Australia or New Zealand would have thought it a good idea to get a shot in and get noticed…

Why didn’t I put one in? Maybe my lame excuse is similar to all the others in Aust/NZ

I seem to recall having mixed feelings at the idea of participating in a Gmail fan club. But clearly I should have just gotten over it and put one in!! I would have been a lone pin representing Dunedin and Aust/NZ.


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