This past week I have been up a mountain recording and participating in an avalanche safety training course.

It has been really interesting and I have noted heaps of ideas on ways online learning could compliment and enhance the learning in this course.

But for now, I’m just noting here that I absolutely snowed under with stuff going on this week. There have been a number of people asking where I am with my commitments (Alex, online learning communities course, Otago Poly staff).. and I just don’t know how long its gunna take to dig out of this! My email is 3 screens deep! My phone has 8 unanswered messages! and my to-do list is… well, I don’t even know where it is anymore!

On September 30, Sunshine and I will be getting married. That’s only 2 weeks away and we have 50 friends and family to look out for – most coming from over seas… So at this point, I think I’ll just have to put the majority of these other things on hold and prioritise this day.