Grand Dad once said to me, “there are 3 things a man should never talk about: politics, religion and another man’s woman”… Clearly I didn’t take that advice on, or was unable to avoid the numerous lanes into those subjects along life’s path. I think it’s sound advice, if you can get past the harmless chauvinistic overtones, and I think I’d like to add to the list. There are now 4 things never to talk about: politics, religion, education and another man’s woman”.That out of the way, let’s get into it regardless:

I’m preparing notes for a talk I’ve been asked to give at Navcon2K7 and I think I’m gunna have to keep the modernist/post modernist theme going on this one, seeing as it is a conference focusing on generationalism.

modernism and old schools

  1. A state of mind
  2. Fascism
  3. Access DETnied
  4. Memex

Postmodernism and new schools learning

  1. Deschooling Society
  2. Pedagogy of the Oppressed
  3. Groups and Networks
  4. Individualism and the best and worst of times.


  1. Loganlea State High – Jenny Shale
  2. Catholic School – Greg Whitby
  3. New American School House
  4. Youtube in school
  5. History of Social Software

I’m going to check in with Stephan Ridgway when Sunshine and I pull into Sydney and check a few of these ideas off with him. Stephan is far better trained than I am in the field of sociology, and people from the arts and humanities are hard to come by in education these days it seems. Hopefully Stephan will have some time this arvo to round this talk off somewhat and take off some of the sharper edges that will only get me in trouble with the religious order of schools.